Bases For Glass Tables : How To Build A Dining Room Table.

Bases For Glass Tables

bases for glass tables

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a new look for the table

a new look for the table

Japanese Indigo makes a nice base for the Blue Fluted and the handmade beer glasses. Think I need some Old English spoons to match the forks. The Laguiole knives have lovely horn and brass handles. Vintage Irish Linen.



A little glass table. The top is a fragment of a 2'x4' piece of 1/4" plate that got smashed. I smoothed the edges and made a steel base for it.

bases for glass tables

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Side Table For Living Room

side table for living room

    living room
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    side table
  • Small accent table used for display, which is usually placed either against a wall or aside from the principal table. (See table)

  • A table placed at the side of a room or apart from the main table

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side table for living room - Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Living Room/Office End/Side Table

Minnesota Vikings Living Room/Office End/Side Table

Show your team pride in your home by displaying your team logo on your Side/End table. This beautiful side table is made from select hardwoods with a full color team logo on the top section. A great way to finish off your game room. This is a perfect match with the Team Coffee Table & TV Trays which we also carry in our web store here...simply search/browse our store here for your team. Please allow up to 20 business/mailing days (approx. 4 weeks) for your item(s) to ship as items are made to order. Most items do not actually take the entire shipping & handling time, but please still allow for it. There may be slight delays during busier seasons such as Christmas time. If you have not received your item within the time frame stated here, please allow an additional few days for mailing delays and then contact us for help.

75% (12)

63/366, or The Ikea Aftermath

63/366, or The Ikea Aftermath

Loyola is on Spring Break this week, and since I didn't have to rush back to this side of town for classes after finishing this morning at Roosevelt, I decided to pop across the street and do some shopping at Ikea.

I didn't get the chest of drawers I wanted - it was too big for my car and too heavy for me to lift by myself - but I bought a new table and a lamp for the living room and rearranged the few pieces in there to make it slightly more homey. Granted, everything is still covered in cat fur, the old TV is still standing in as an endtable at the far right, and that lamp on the far left has got to go - but it's still looking a damn sight nicer than it has since I first moved in.

Now, out with the vacuum...

Living room shot 3

Living room shot 3

The pair to my armchair, a lamp, a wee side table and my couch. This couch is huge - over two metres long - and folds down into a bed for overnight guests. Even without folding down, it's incredibly comfortable to nap on because I can stretch right out. I found it for a steal and promptly reupholstered it with new fabric. I'd still like to add more cushions - I have some Amy Butler fabric waiting in my stash.

side table for living room

side table for living room

Boss B9529 Leather Sled Base Side Guest Chair, Black

Upholstered in black leather, Solid sled style steel frames (Gauge: 16, Thickness: 0.8-inch, Width: 1.6-inch) with black scratch-resistant paint finish, Thick contoured seat and back cushions for added comfort and support, Moves smoothy over hard surface and plush carpeting, Curved arms easily clears front edges when pulled close to table, , Dimensions: Arm Height: 25.5-inch H, Seat Size: 20-inch W x 20-inch D, Back Size: 13-inch W x 20-inch H, Seat height: 18.5-inch H, Overall Dimensions: 23-inch W x 24.5-inch D x 34.5-inch H. Assembly instructions also available at

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Stainless Steel Table Leg - Canoe Coffee Table

Stainless Steel Table Leg

stainless steel table leg

    stainless steel
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  • Postpone consideration of

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

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stainless steel table leg - 18 Gauge

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Commercial Work Table 24" x 24" with Galvanized Undershelf and Legs

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Commercial Work Table 24" x 24" with Galvanized Undershelf and Legs

This stainless steel commercial 24 x 24 work table with galvanized steel undershelf and legs is constructed from durable and easy to clean 18 gauge 304 series stainless steel. This durable stainless steel work table will provide additional space for preparation or other tasks. Its undershelf is constructed from 18 gauge 304 series galvanized steel. The legs of this work table are 1 5 8 in diameter and are also made of tubular galvanized steel with plastic feet that are adjustable up to 1 . NSF Listed. For additional details consult the specification sheet. Dimensions Width Work Surface 24 Length Work Surface 24 Height 34 WT-2424-3 From Regency Tables & Sinks

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Danny Venlet * DoubleTake Table

Danny Venlet * DoubleTake Table

An object with a dual function – table and picture, piece of furniture and artwork. A collaboration with Richard Venlet. 2001. Limited edition. Archetype Gallery, Brussels.

A game of contrasts, leading to an object that playfully hovers between art and design, or the old and new, and bestowing the user and viewer with feelings of surprise, pleasure, uncertainty, and uneasiness. At first sight this object has the look of a rather ordinary and cheap kitchen table, and can also be used as such, with a tabletop that is made of 4 cm thick berch multiplex and coated with a hard formica layer. But the legs in stainless steel can also be placed in the tabletop so that the object can be hung on a wall, drawing attention on the print on its flat surface, as if it were a precious artwork. The image shows the top of an old and discarded table, which was found by Venlet, heavily eroded by time and its users, and contrasting sharply with the new and still immaculate tabletop on which it is printed. The artwork thus also reveals the inevitable destiny of the piece of furniture.

120 L x 75 w x 75 h

Faux Banquette

Faux Banquette

We purchased this piece of butcher block from Ikea - and are going to cut it down - about where that piece of trim molding is. On the left side we're going to build some sort of bench/cabinet and then use these new chairs on the right. Not sure what color we'll stain/paint the butcher block. I like the contrast of the warm wood, black counters & stainless steel table legs and appliances.

stainless steel table leg

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